Arctic Essences

Written by Jacqui Bushell.

arctic-cotton-grassArctic Cotton Grass

Eriophorum scheuchzeri

Lightness of being

Support in feeling more vital, lighter of heart and less weighed down or burdened. Cotton Grass brings a feeling of being lifted up and spaciousness. Broadens, softens and lifts perspective which can lessen feeling caught or bogged in difficulties. Release of encumbrances. It is a reminder of innocence of being.

Cotton Grass is also deeply penetrating. As such, it can be combined with other essences to employ this property directionally, physically, emotionally, or mentally. It disperses through the etheric field and outer parts of the aura.

arctic-mossArctic Moss


Arctic moss calls us back to our centre, to be present and deeply aware of self. Stillness. Quieting the mind. Deepening to self. When we are spinning and moving too fast emotionally, mentally or physically, arctic moss sounds like a great bell reverberating through us, calling us back home. It brings grounding and stillness on all levels. Greater presence and quiet results in simplifying our actions. Moss connects us with clearer and new ways of thinking. We recognise what is needful to be done and can eliminate so much that is extraneous and energy wasting.

The arctic plants and landscape survive such harsh extremes. Everything extraneous to our being is pared away, down to our essence. What is left once our fears, beliefs and
projections are gone? Arctic moss connects us with our eternal self, our radiant, flexible jewel of Mind reflected through the persona. Returning to self, with love. An abundant delight in being.

Strongly connects with the earth, and the chakras from Solar plexus, Sacral, Base and those below the feet.


Chamaenerion latifolium
Broad leafed fireweed. Niviarsiaq is the Greenlandic name, meaning ‘little girl’.


Niviarsiaq helps us to recognise that we are constantly creating patterns with our mind, feelings, actions and body. As we recognise and acknowledge the patterns we form, deep gratitude, humility, and love arise together with a sense of accountability for what we put out into the world. We develop awareness of the impact of being truly seen and acknowledged, on both perceiver and perceived.

Niviarsiaq can increase the amount of light energy we take in and how it is mediated. This results in a greater sense of vitality and of ‘organisation’ on many levels; structurally, mentally, emotionally. It expands our choices of expression. It can mitigate the effect of receiving shocking news such as a health diagnosis for yourself or a loved one. In these instances it can allow us to not restrict our expression of being in response to the news but remain open to the levels of infinite choice available.

There is so much available, so much creativity, life force. We unconsciously restrict and limit what is possible.

Greenland Ice Cap

I yield to the infinite


Made during the time of the midnight sun, with brilliant light reflecting off the ice, and rivulets flowing from the summer thaw. The essence was made with ice melt water.

The Arctic ice cap is vast and ancient, covering over 800 square kilometres and up to 3 kilometres thick. The deepest layers have been frozen for 120,000 years and the uppermost since the last ice age.

This essence helps us melt what has been long frozen or locked in our being. It invites us to yield and release from a place of enduring strength, stillness and support. There is a sense of touching something infinitely vast, broadening our limited perspective. The ice is stark, it cuts through our stories, our distractions; the delusions we cling to. Nothing can be hidden here. While this could be harsh and survival on the icecap is always on a knife edge, it is tempered with incredible beauty, strength and the radiance
of the endless light.

Ice cap is beneficial for the resolution of dichotomy, where it feels like they are vacillating between two opposing forces. It can begin the process of assisting with the recognition of a path of Truth, gradually relieving us of the delusions we cling to. Ice cap can help us with the processing of any situation, in greater alignment with what is truthful.

purple-saxifragePurple saxifrage

Saxifraga oppositifolia
In Greenlandic it is called Kakillallit

Revealing hidden gifts

A very direct essence. Purple saxifrage helps reveal what you are capable of by inviting awareness of the truth of individual expressions of form. Acts predominately via the heart. As we perceive self more truthfully then our strengths and potential can be recognised and acted upon.


Releasing burdens


This essence was made on the expansive tundra near Sersermiut, Greenland, at Summer Solstice. The land, where nothing grows over a few inches tall, is studded with abundant vibrant wildflowers, icy melt water pools and huge granite cliffs. A little to the right is an iceberg filled bay, with a loud boom every so often as ice crashes into the water. Above is a huge ocean of sky, streaked with clouds and the wheeling of ravens. There is a great feeling of expansiveness, light and clarity, yet cradled in the softness of the earth. The land here is only free of snow for a few short months. At other times it lies under darkness and depths of snow.

Tundra essence brings a sense of release and clearing through the body, mind and etheric field. This results in feeling more stable in ourselves, confidence and being less likely to succumb to the pressures or  desires of others. This can invite clarity around what motivates and guides our decisions and actions. Guilt? Need? Faith? With clarity and self responsibility we can perceive our actions and their effects and make more inspired decisions in the future.

Balances between our eyes, brow chakra and pituitary/pineal complex and the heart. These connections result in awareness of the link created between an observer and the observed, hence causing a reduction in objectification. Tundra opens up our awareness and vision to what is truthful. May also be useful as an adjunct treatment for physical eye problems. When we have been through great abrasion in life, tundra can restore vitality, clarity, new growth on what felt bare and exposed. It releases the burdens of the pressurised life, inspiring us to move forward in life, not circling round and round with the past, or caught within shame, guilt, blame, illusion.

yellow-saxifrageYellow Saxifrage

Saxifraga aizoides

Express your true nature

This delicate flower of the permafrost, standing only a few inches high, has petals with tiny orange dots, in a gradient of speckled colour. When fertilised, the ovary and leaves turn deep red.

We have so many choices of how to be. How do you choose to express yourself; verbally, nonverbally, clothes, hairstyles, friends, possessions? Often we camouflage ourselves to feel safe. This tiny flower has such vitality, presence and an aura of joy. It is an invitation to allow ourselves a full blossoming. Express your abundant nature, truthfully; releasing any ‘falseness’ to embrace your most vibrant expression. Let yourself shine as brightly as these flowers blooming under the midnight sun, unique among everything.

glacier-eqip-sermiaGlacier Eqip Sermia


Glaciers move incredibly slowly and very deeply, their slow grinding action pushing out the silty moraine and rock until it forms mountains. Gradually this accumulates dirt, becoming permafrost tundra, covered in scrubby plants and wildflowers. Glacier essence can move very deeply in our being, releasing what has been locked in: ancient, stuck patterns, beliefs, behaviours, memories or physical toxins. It invites us to consider key questions about what we really want, what we really are, and what it is time to let go of.

Glacier helps us come more into alignment with the truth of what we are, on every level. This may affect our perception, our thinking, our motivation, our conscious awareness. When we have been caught in repetitive behaviour patterns or living with chronic illness, creating levels of exhaustion, glacier essence can give you a level of recognition of causal factors. Preferably do not give this essence by itself due to the detoxifying effect it can have. Works very well in conjunction with Arctic Moss. Glacier can also be inspirational, opening our Mind to new possibilities, to greater creativity or undreamed of perspectives. Know what you are. Trust what you are.

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