Environmental Essences

Written by Jacqui Bushell.

autumn-lightAutumn Light

Clear action from stillness

Light becomes much softer and more mellow in Autumn, without the glare of Summer. There is great clarity of the light and crispness in the air. Autumn light invites us to soften and turn inwards; to shed what is unnecessary to our being without regret, through the acknowledgement of our innate radiance. There is a sense of abundance and gratitude at this time of the year. The Autumn Equinox is a balancing point of the year, when day and night are of the same length, before the stark polarity of Winter.

Autumn Light essence is an invitation to alert stillness. It impacts initially through the base and sacral centers, calming and settling our being. It is a readying for action, but action arising from deep quiet and clarity of mind.

Through Autumn light we can accept the changes that come with the turning of the seasons, literally or metaphorically. There is change, release and renewal always, in the constant motion of our living. In Truth, nothing is ever lost. This may help us let go of old regrets or to know that our being can never be ‘less than’. Everything we are, everything we do, has an effect. This is why mindfulness of being is so important. Our actions don’t need to be big and grand, or acknowledged by others. With clear focus and intent, any mindful action has great impact. Simple compassionate activities like dedicating our actions to be of benefit for all beings or a heartfelt prayer to alleviate suffering becomes part of the expression of the Universe.

chalice-wellChalice Well

We are never alone

These beautiful gardens at Glastonbury, England have an ancient, healing spring flowing through the center of them, surrounded with peaceful meditation spots.  It has been a spiritual pilgrimage site for many centuries. The essence was created over a night and morning in various positions around the garden. At different times in our lives we all yearn to know that we are not truly alone, that someone is ‘walking beside us’ or cupping our being in loving palms. This essence is a reminder of that infinite, constant loving support. That such compassion is available to us, to all beings at all times, is incomprehensible in its abundance. This is what is available. This essence is a reminder of that grace.

The image here is of the overflowing chalice. The infinite well of divine grace, compassion and love.

This essence also increases awareness of accountability in action.

For those who have lost hope, know despair, feel unsupported, overwhelmed or misunderstood, to experience that loving connection and know they are never alone. We can walk our path clearly, in Grace.

new-growth-greenNew Growth Green

Unfolding potential

Effortless growth, gentle green unfurling. Soothing coolness. The unfolding of potential. Allowing self to be expressive, every moment, not just when ‘blooming’, at select times. Allowing the true expression of our being – on all levels. Having confidence in our unfolding dynamic. Greater presence. This is an offering of self. The generosity of offering every atom of your being to the movement of life. There is no need to limit self; the fullness of being is without limitation. How small we keep ourselves, and how unnecessary this is.

peat-bogPeat Bog

Unlimited by the past

Made on the isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, which is covered in vast peat bogs and many Neolithic structures.

Peat has been burned for many centuries for heating fuel. Dark, rich and fibrous, peat consists of decayed vegetable matter, which is the first stage in the transformation of organic matter into coal.

This harsh, stark environment, utterly exposed, windswept and treeless, yet look closely and the vibrancy of subtle colours and plant variety is astounding. There is great beauty in this landscape, and for all its apparent harshness is warm and embracing. The land holds strong memory here, so many people and cultures. It is alive to all times, unlimited by any. Such a dynamic, embracing life force. The winds and the peat strip away all pretension, like bones left for eons until they are clean white. Peat bog brings us to our true form, nothing extraneous to our nature, no facades, no limitations. Yet this is an invitation, it is not harsh. Allowing the pattern of our being to emerge, like light shining through a rare gem, unclouded and unique.

Peat bog supports our deep connection with land and our line of ancestors. It assists us in releasing being ‘bogged’ down by generational family history and ancestral influences. Releasing the strong stories that families develop about who they are and how they perform, where such narratives may be crippling to our development and self perception.

callanais-stonesThe Callanais Stones

The radiance of being

The Callanais Stones, Isle of Lewis, off the west coast of Scotland. During my visit it was a place of rainbows, with 3 or 4 almost constantly arching over the stones, surrounding them in iridescent light. The stones form the shape of a celtic cross with one ‘arm’ a long corridor of stones, and a central circle with a large ‘altar’ stone. The light from each of the equinoxes and Solstices shines a path down each of the cross arms at the different times of the year. Each stone has a different character and presence. I experienced some stones as deeply dormant and others like dancing joy. Over a two day period the essence bowl was placed in different positions around the stones over Autumn Equinox. The sunset and light were radiant and seemed to pool into the center and be contained within the stones and circle. The night was a waterfall of shooting stars sparking for hours across the sky, shimmering with bright light. The energy was of incredible love, radiant joy and the union of self and spirit.

The Callanais essence awakens our knowing of the radiance of the light within every being, inviting us to a clear and truthful self expression. It helps deepen our experience of love, joy and connection, reminding us that we are NEVER alone. Be at one with your own power, your Self.

greenland-ice-capGreenland Ice Cap

I yield to the infinite

Made during the time of the midnight sun, with brilliant light reflecting off the ice, and rivulets flowing from the summer thaw. The essence was made with ice melt water.

The ice cap is vast and ancient, covering over 800 square kilometres and up to 3 kilometres thick. The deepest layers have been frozen for 120,000 years and the uppermost since the last ice age.

This essence helps us melt what has been long frozen or locked in our being. It invites us to yield and release from a place of enduring strength, stillness and support. There is a sense of touching something infinitely vast, broadening our limited perspective. The ice is stark, it cuts through our stories, our distractions; the delusions we cling to.  Nothing can be hidden here. While this could be harsh and survival on the icecap is always on a knife edge, it is tempered with incredible beauty, strength and the radiance of the endless light.

Ice cap is beneficial for the resolution of dichotomy, where it feels like they are vacillating between two opposing forces. It can begin the process of assisting with the recognition of a path of Truth, gradually relieving us of the delusions we cling to. Ice cap can help us with the processing of any situation, in greater alignment with what is truthful.

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