Flower Essences


Monarda didyma

Living vibrantly, living passionately

Bergamot, also known as ‘Sweet leaf’ or ‘Bee balm’ strengthens our life force. It invites us to be vibrantly alive, dynamic, inspired. You don’t need to do anything except ‘show up’ and be fully present; embracing the potential of life. Just live every experience, forget about ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. It’s your experience and your choice how you will respond to it.  Release the need to cling and hold tight to anything we have been through. Bergamot lets us be fully open to the next experience without judgment or limitation. Allowing the blessing in the moment. Bergamot is a ‘warm’ and dynamic flower, acting via the base and sacral chakras. Live passionately. Live in Beauty. Be attuned to the sweetness of life.

Sometimes we ‘run out of steam’, losing focus and interest in bringing projects to completion. Bergamot reinspires us, so the task no longer seems laborious. This earthy, spicy, red flower opens upwards, and outwards, like a throat blossoming in song or in praise; trust your own passionate Song.


Calendula officinalis

Lightness of spirit

Calendula flowers only open in bright sunshine, their heads turning to follow the movement of the sun across the sky.

Calendula essence invites us to allow all things the space, time and grace in which to blossom, in their own unique way.  No rushing, no pushing, no expectations. In this way we don’t get lost in the small ‘I’ and ego. As we acknowledge the radiant light that infuses all form, the superficial can fall away. Calendula highlights the essential in being. We don’t need to get stuck in the minor details of ‘story’; our perspective can broaden and soften. It helps us choose where to place our attention and to loosen our expectations for self and others. Illuminated with love, grace and joy we can be more discerning. Calendula wears a cloak of sunshine, inviting us to live in greater joy with a lighthearted spirit.

Calendula is like a balm; expansive, healing, joyful.  


Californian poppy

Escholtchzia californica

From the platform of the heart, the mind reaches for the divine

The heart activates the mind which can then act in service to the divine.

Californian poppy reduces the way we define ourselves by our narrow thoughts, so there is less grasping with our ‘little mind’ thinking. Resting in the chalice of radiant golden love, we can are eternally ‘held’ and supported.

Cupped in the golden light of Californian Poppy we can acknowledge there is no separation between our heart and Source. The divine rests within, not external to our being. There is a book by Chogram Trungpa called ‘Cutting through Spiritual Materialism’ which provides a good summary of the action of this essence. As the title suggests, it teaches us that we have no need to seek spiritual ‘glamour’ via complex rituals and techniques. Every atom of our being is divine consciousness.  Californian poppy invites the heart to awaken to its true radiance and innocence, and for us to develop a stable and supported inner spiritual life.  

Californian Poppy brings warmth physically as well as emotionally and spiritually. There is a peripheral diffusion of energy through the body and greater permeation of light. One may feel softening, cocooned, a gentling of mental activity and greater optimism.


Chicorium intybus

Trust your Truth

Beauty and truth don’t need defenses. We try to protect and defend ourself in so many ways. When caught in victim mode, we have no sense of our own power, or our true nature. We may feel battered by others, or become manipulative to gain approval and esteem. Chicory reminds us there can never be loss of self, only your perception of loss. You never ‘lack’ anything. You can never truly be ‘less than’. Truth never changes, just the stories and facades around it.

Chicory helps us to not be taken in by appearances but able to notice the greater pattern. Trust in your true nature. Don’t get trapped in how others may perceive you or in limited self perception. Chicory invites us to sit in our vulnerability, our softness and stay present. This is like a warm opening or embrace of self, allowing us to let go of reactivity and maintain love and self respect. It is possible to stay present in the face of others’ judgements, not crumple at criticism, act the martyr or sink into shame. As we rest in love and trust the truth of our being then we need no external approval. As a result we will develop clearer boundaries in our interactions with others, with a greater sense of resilience, balance and serenity. 


Symphytum officinalis

Strength, Order

Comfrey has such a long history of service to humanity. Every part of this plant can be used in healing and it is so mineral rich that even its compost is richly nurturing for soils. Its growth and vitality is immensely strong. It gives generously of itself. Esoterically Comfrey helps us understand what belongs where and with what. It supports our understanding and perception of the order in all things, and of us establishing a clear order from confusion. This may be in practical terms, emotionally, mentally or spiritually  Comfrey strengthens, nourishes and heals, on many levels.

Comfrey helps hold you to your purpose. A spiritual assistance in knowing what belongs where, an ability to draw lines between things, what belongs together, clarity in boundaries, in delineating things. Alleviates self deception about the source of where and how things arise; discernment between idealism and truth. Adds spiritual, emotional and mental ‘grit’ or stamina. Where do you ‘fit’ and ‘how’?


Malus floribunda

Acceptance of self as beauty

Allowing self to be supported by everything in our environment. Support is usually an active process, we give or receive it. This is so limited. Crabapple helps us acknowledge that there is always support, from the air, the ground, in fact from everything. It is up to us to allow this level of support; like sinking into a place of deep refuge. To be able to accept this space requires enormous acceptance of self. Usually there is so much of our being that we reject.

Crabapple Essence encourages the acceptance of self as beauty. Indeed, all that the eye and senses alight on is beauty: no rejection of anything. This leads to acceptance of the ‘Isness’ all things. (note: such acceptance does not mean we need to condone behaviour) Notice the ways we resist or reject other people, situations, feelings, as well as ourself. We create such barriers and limitations. Crabapple changes our judgement of our perception. It helps release attachment to our perceived identity. As we perceive in beauty, we can more simply BE. With such perceptual shifts the result can be purification of the body physically, emotionally and psychically. Crabapple has great benefit in clearing the emotional body of habitual responses and the mental ‘regurgitation’ of the past. Resulting in greater calmness and transformation; bringing out the beauty of the person.


Taraxacum officinale


Dandelion flower with its affinity for the spring sunshine, brings with it much warmth, joy and expansion. It particularly has a strong effect through the muscles of the body, softening them and releasing toxins from the muscle fibres, bringing ease and relief of tension. The tension relief is also emotional and mental. Dandelion expands any point of tension. Such expansion is a deep relaxation and not a dispersal of energies. Ultimately, its teaching is of the acceptance of impermanence.



doryphoraDoryphora sassafras

Crown flower of Light 

A lifeline for those seeking to know themselves, a link to the love of All. A ‘blossoming’ of the Crown, and flowing down the body. Lifting up and beyond the mundane to sense the consciousness in everything. Nothing is ‘mundane’. All is wondrous. The radiance of the crown center in our aware connection with Source.

Changes ‘I can’t to I will’. With this ‘knowing’ and lightness of being comes peaceful acceptance. This is different from complacency. Able to walk tall on your own. To do for yourself what others previously did for you. With such acceptance springs trust in self and in the universe. The light of peace.




Dampiera stricta

All beings are equal in humanity

No life is less than or unequal. There are many ways, both subtle and overt that we maintain hierarchy and status. On meeting anyone we immediately assess who we think they are in relation to ourself, and respond accordingly. Privilege perpetuates suffering. Dampiera reveals the level of judgment we have towards others. Often we either belittle or aggrandise ourselves in relation to others, or perhaps only in particular situations. Dampiera invites us to greater compassion. Changing pride to humility. Allowing each being to be just what it is. Respect and tolerance for difference. Acceptance of our common humanity. Acceptance of the jewel of self – just as we are. True charity of heart. In the acknowledgement of love when meeting with others, is a point of infinite possibilities and grace. Nothing can make us better than or less than. 


Crataegus monogyna


A blossoming through the heart, deepening into greater presence. Hawthorn alleviates the tension inherent in emotional extremes by providing support for the heart center. This frees  much life force energy.

Hawthorn asks if we can truly perceive without wanting or grasping. We generally expect something from everything. Can we be truly without an agenda and judgement? Ultimately we use our perception to affirm to affirm our sense of self and our environment. To see things just as they are requires a deep acceptance of self, our ‘I Am-ness’, that we can trust yourself and the world. No stories and judgements are necessary. If we can simply allow things to ‘Be’ just what they are we have no need to be so attached. There is no need for us to be right and others wrong and no need to prove ourself. We can gently let go of resentments, rage, grudges and forgive. The adage that a ‘clean wound heals faster’ pertains to Hawthorn. The essence helps clear the emotional detritus that builds up around a trauma. We can then acknowledge the original story and choose our response from a strengthened, supported heart. 

heart-of-fernHeart of Fern

Trust in vulnerability

The essence bowl and water was placed in the center of a large tree fern, cupped by the tall fronds.

Fern fronds unfold opening out and up, exposing the soft stem, ‘belly-up’. This essence invites safety and trust when vulnerable; so we can accept feeling more exposed when revealing our softer, more tender parts of being. When we rely on external support and affirmation we become selective in what we choose to reveal of self. Agitation often arises when we feel vulnerable.  Heart of fern reminds us that there are Absolute things we can trust – when all else falls away, we can still trust them. We can trust the true nature of our being and of all reality even if there are many aspects we may dislike or fear. Our day to day perception is very limited. Heart of Fern invites us to Rest in this trust: like being held in great warm hands, feeling safe enough to simply rest and be held. Even when experiencing all as chaos, fear or panic we can still sit in trust and feel held, unconditionally.

Heart of Fern also provides support for spinal and heart issues.


Helichrysum elatum

Eternal Life

Also known as Everlasting, Helichrysum oil was used historically in the anointing of Kings.

Helichrysum helps us acknowledge that our physical form is not separate from spirit. As we accept our body then we are more profoundly able to accept the love that is available. It is like drinking from a deep wellspring or fountain of light. There is nothing that is separate from this eternal light. Acceptance that our whole being is one with this source.  It can never be separated.



holy-thorntree2Holy Thorn

Made at Chalice Well, the Abbey and Wearyall Hill, Glastonbury, UK

The abundant heart

This is the abundant, open heart that knows no limit. When we offer from the overflow of our heart we never drain our own resources, but constantly offer from our infinite connection with Source, filling us like a waterfall of nectar. From this space the heart can relinquish a need to control and never bows low in exhaustion.

The Holy Thorn trees of Glastonbury are said to have originated with Joseph of Arimathea, who planted his staff in the ground at Wearyall hill and it grew, sprouting leaves and blossom. While these trees are a Hawthorn, they differ from those common to the area. Unusually they bloom twice a year, in Spring and at Christmas. Cuttings were taken from the original and have been planted around the Glastonbury area, with three at Chalice Well Gardens.

Allow the space for things to Be just what they are; without limit. In our perception, allowing them their fullest expression. So often we push, energetically, emotionally for a particular response, from self, from others. Holy Thorn helps us release this need. Ill thoughts usually arise when people don’t behave as we want them to. We are the only ones that can disempower ourselves. Holy Thorn invites atonement in the heart. It allows forgiveness and spaciousness for things to be what they are. Blossoming in Grace. Holy Thorn should be considered for physical aspects of heart disease as well as emotional and energetic.



Juniperus communis

Cleansing and clearing

Juniper is clear as a sword.  It invites clarity, cleansing sharpness and focus.  Clears the auric field of influences by bringing you back into a sharp awareness of self.  Clearing of perspective. Brow Crown clearing especially.

Perceiving self in clarity. Feeling how you are an intrinsic part of the whole landscape. Great stillness. Teaching through presence. Knowing and feeling the universe blessing, loving and honouring the entirety of your being. You are as grand and sacred as everything else because you are part of all. You can never be separate. Resting easily within yourself, feeling yourself clearly and distinctly and experiencing how embedded you are with the environment. When you are so very present, resting in I AM, and recognising your value, there is nothing to defend in your being or your beliefs. There is nothing to cling to. This results in the clearing and cleansing actions of Juniper.

A 'grandfather' teacher plant.  Pinon is so often paired with it, growing together in the wild.  


Rhythm and Cycles

Kelp helps regulate rhythmic movement, like the perpetual ebb and flow of the ocean mirroring the wave like motion of our body’s cycles; our hormonal dance, our fluids, emotions and thought patterns. From Kelp we learn flexibility and grace of movement, on many levels. Riding the ‘flow of life’; releasing resistance to ‘tidal fluctuations’. Kelp can play a role in supporting glandular systems, in particular the throat chakra and glands. Acceptance of our part in the whole, moving together, constantly, as One.




new-growth-greenNew Growth Green

Unfolding potential

Effortless growth, gentle green unfurling. Soothing coolness. The unfolding of potential. Allowing self to be expressive, every moment, not just when ‘blooming’, at select times. Allowing the true expression of our being – on all levels. Having confidence in our unfolding dynamic. Greater presence. This is an offering of self. The generosity of offering every atom of your being to the movement of life. There is no need to limit self; the fullness of being is without limitation. How small we keep ourselves, and how unnecessary this is.




pierisPearl Flower

Pieris japonica

The juvenile red leaves mature to a glossy dark green. The flower stem has clusters of waxy, creamy white flower bells with a penetrating, strong yet sweet perfume. The flowers hang downwards, however when pollinated they become small nutlets which change direction and face upwards.


We rarely hear the true sound of things or what is actually spoken, but slot what we hear into our framework of perception. How we hear, listen and interpret is an expression of our beliefs, identity and thinking patterns – and reaffirms such. Listen. To what is actually present rather than what we think or feel should be there.

We all have particular patterns of thinking; pearl flower helps us recognise these frameworks. How we think affects how we learn; how we comprehend information and how we listen. Pearl flower is for those who are actively seeking to understand their styles of thought processes, aspiring to listen beyond ego to what is actually being said. Often we are swayed by another’s delivery style, confidence, and assumptions. We may doubt ourselves or conversely, not listen or be able to take in contrary information. Pearl flower supports discernment. It invites awareness of incongruities in our thinking, speaking and meaning. As we grasp less tightly to what we believe, then hearing and interpretation are not so selective or narrow. Not making what you hear fit what you believe allows for leaps in comprehension.


Pinon Pine

Pinus cembroides

Presence clears all illusion

A companion plant with juniper. Coyote tracks were running along side the bush. 

Become aware of your motivations and underlying feelings and agendas. Clarity of intent. Deep stillness. Nurturing warmth. Softening into illumination and understanding. Not a confrontational plant. Gentle but direct. It invites you to stay in your own presence, whole, complete. Discover the richness of yourself.  What have you obscured in your self awareness? How do you trick and deceive yourself?  You are an ocean. Dive

Pinon cuts through illusion and self delusion.  Be centered, present and rest deeply and gently with yourself.

A grandmother teacher plant of great warmth and strength. 

dogwoodPink Dogwood

Cornus florida f. rubra


The flowers are tiny and green in the center of soft pink bracts curling up and over them. The inflorescence is characterised by the symmetry of 4 parts: four bracts, four sepals, four stamens, four petals. The pink bracts remain connected at the tips until most of the flowers are open.

Freedom is often defined in terms of the freedoms we desire or lack. We want the ‘freedom of…’ or the ‘freedom from…’  Such ‘freedom’ has boundaries and limits. In truth nothing can cage us. Witness some of the inspiring stories and courage of those who have been imprisoned, the compassion and hope that has come from atrocity. Asha Devi, a director of an Indian school run with Ghandian principles once declared 

‘We have no limitations as human beings.’ (C.L Flinders, Enduring Grace, Harper San Francisco, 1993)

Our choices are unlimited. How much we lessen our being and our perception of the possible through fear. If one experiences lack within self then we see this in others and therefore limit them. There is no ‘lack’ other than that which is self imposed. There are potential and possibilities in infinite directions in every moment. Freedom in being and of perception. Let go of assumed limitations. Pink Dogwood invites us to realise that there are more choices available. An immediate response to Pink Dogwood can be relaxation and even sleepiness. As when we ‘let go’ there is a release of the energy that has been needed to ‘hold on’. It assists us live with spiritual awareness in a material world. Pink Dogwood benefits someone developing a center; a center of being, a center of consciousness in their inner world. Someone striving for kindness towards themself. 


Pink Flannel Flower

Actinotus forsythia

Within the love of the heart’s embrace, there is Grace

The rarest of blooms, Pink Flannel flowers grow only in 3 to 4 places in the Blue Mountains, NSW after a devastating bush fire has scorched the land black. They are found nowhere else and at no other time. They bring such immense relief, a balm to the land and animals that feed on them.

Pink Flannel flower invites us to rest in the fullness of the heart’s embrace, where we find softening and easing of our pains. It is an invitation to feel loved and loving. When challenges arise we lean back into contraction and resistance, which exacerbates anxiety and limits our response. Pink flannel flower invites calmness through the heart, feeling safe and to know, deeply know that everything is all right. It does not halt our emotional process but by allowing release of the resistance by reducing inflammation, there is more energy available and the potential of a change of perspective for the availability of greater options. There can be a letting go of clinging to ‘it must be this way’ to allow other options and possibilities to arise. Pink flannel flower helps us stay present with what IS.

Specifically of benefit for any inflammatory process associated with heat or fire whether emotional, mental or physical. 


Platysace linearifolia

Balance of mind

Made on the narrow bush ridge of Hargreaves lookout in the Blue Mountains at dawn during the full moon which was still large in the sky. On the other side of the ridge a scarlet dawn was rising, with mist in the valley below. It was made the spring after a devastating bush fire had swept through and for the first time in this area Pink Flannel flowers bloomed and covered nearly all available space. In this section of the ridge Platysace was growing near the soft pink blossoms, underneath blackened banksias stumps shooting with new growth vigour. 

Within the chaos of the undisciplined mind we can find steadfast focus, determination and ability to bring tasks to completion. Balancing the mind. Equipoise. Creating and allowing ‘spaciousness’ of mind. In the expansiveness of mind we can hold all and nothing without effort. There is no limit to consciousness.  We can be our individual self and yet with vast awareness.  The ‘order’ within chaos. One can watch and not be part of the mental cacophony, developing detachment rather than immersion in the chatter of mind. A place of stillness, contemplation and the promise of renewal. Finding balance.

dahlia-essenceRed Dahlia

Dahlia spp.


Red Dahlia helps us recognise ways we choose not to be fully present. It increases awareness of avoidance patterns and how we minimise or limit ourself.

Improves vitality. As we become more present we feel more ‘alive’. Inviting self to greater presence in the moment, an active engagement in life. Dropping deeper into the body . As we become more present in ‘now’ we develop greater acceptance of self and greater fearlessness. Such presence generates compassion for self and others, reducing judgements and assumptions. Generosity spontaneously arises from this place of being. The dedicated offering of self moment by moment. The open, generous heart towards our self and all beings.  Dahlia also encourages us to be able to receive acts of generosity openheartedly.

chicago-peaceChicago Peace Rose

An infinite offering of love

As humans we usually want or expect something of everything. To see something is to invariably grasp or hold or define it in relationship to something else. We are so conditional in our loving. Divine love does not grasp. It is an infinite offering of love. There is nothing that we can do or be that will ever diminish this love. Likewise there is nothing that can ever increase it. It is absolute. How we blossom as a response to such love. The generosity of the heart has no limits. It is only our mind that halts the abundance of the heart. Can you love without limit? Without reason? Imagine what is possible when we surrender to such love. When there is no limit to the love being offered, how deeply can you allow yourself to be loved?

Chicago Peace Rose is soothing of agitation; calming and deeply peaceful, like being cradled in infinite grace.

“All will be well, and all will be well and all manner of things will be well”.  Julian of Norwich                          

peacePeace Rose

Rest in the quiet centre

A yellow rose with soft touches of pink on the tips of the petals.

Great calmness and quiet as we melt into the embrace of Divine love. Our many attachments can be forgotten. There is no-one, no-thing and no aspect of our being that is excluded from such love. There is no need to ever ‘offer’ love, just acknowledge its presence.

In the restful heart there is only ‘Being’, we don’t need to ‘do’ or work so hard. There is truly no separation between self and divine, there is only the infinite oneness of love. Peace Rose supports us being centered and still. As we deepen into this space shifting can occur physically or emotionally. A sense of support and strengthening accompanies this process


“Breathe in my love                                                                              

Breathe in my love

Rest in the quiet centre”       Snatum Kaur

red-roseRed Rose

The vitality of love

This rose doesn’t open into a full bloom but remains as a furled bud with delicate scent.

Nothing that you are or be will ever cause love to abandon you.

This is not gentle soothing love but is vibrant with life and vitality. This rose has vigorous growth and blossoming, reminding us to live passionately, to live fully, in every moment. A strong blossoming of the heart. Dynamic presence. The rich vitality of love encouraging us to take action. Our every action and movement can be in acknowledgement of unconditional love; this can be dedicated to be of benefit for all beings.  

Often it can feel like we’ve turned down our life’s ‘dimmer’ switch. No other living thing ever does this. Notice the vitality and presence of other species and plants. All of nature reminds us to live passionately in the fullest expression of what we are, in every moment. As humans we may ‘little’ ourselves and limit our choices through fear. Red Rose reminds us that we don’t serve anyone by playing ‘small’. Living passionately NOW. Releasing regrets and old concerns. Is what you are worrying about worth the level of time and energy you are spending on it? If you could accept infinite love, if you could Be love, then what would you immediately let go of? What would shift?

Red rose invites divine inspiration through the heart, awakening our life force. The strength and confidence to act from love, manifesting the inspiration through dedicated action in the world.

pale-pink-rosePink Rose

The tenderness of love

How pure and perfect is every form arising in nature. Any action based in love always gives rise to great beauty. Every leaf, every creature, comes into form from absolute love and beauty. All things are an expression of the infinite love which is the base matter of the Universe. Such love is permanent and unchanging, unlike the impermanence of all forms. Too often we like to hold onto things, not allow changes or believe things are lost. All things, like this beautiful rose are but a single expression of consciousness. When it dies, there is no loss, just a change of form. This acceptance gives rise to compassion and immense tenderness. St Francis of Assisi expressed unimaginable tender love and compassion for all things. A blade of grass was not beneath his notice, neither were the ill or maimed. Each are an expression of divine love, so how can anything be repulsive or undeserving of acknowledgement? Such love allows us to have compassion for all our follies and ignorance. Can you surrender to such love? Can you live with such joy and trust in being?


self-healSelf Heal

Prunella vulgaris

Being true to self

Self Heal assists us in taking self responsibility, finding and trusting our inner resources. Inspiration to trust that we can be well, restoring an experience of wholeness. Being able to meet our own needs, not relying on external sources. Self heal reminds us that we have choice in how we interact with the environment. With a stronger, more dynamic sense of self we are stable, centered and able to make healthy decisions. 

Self Heal also links with the throat and more truthful expression. The blossoming of expression arise from the heart. Allowing the heart and speech to be in alignment. With greater acknowledgement of our thinking, feeling and speaking, self expression is clearer and more conscious.


solomons-sealSolomons’ Seal

Polygonatum multiflorum

A deep embrace of being

The green tipped white pods of Solomon’s Seal are almost translucent, with a luminous quality. The blossoms remain closed for most of the time they are on the stem, opening only for a day or so before wilting and dying. We often believe that matter is solid. This is an illusion. Solomon’s Seal reminds us that nothing is truly dense. Physics teaches us that an atom is nearly all space and even the tiniest parts within atomic structure that we think of as ‘real’ are not necessarily so.

What we think and how gives us a sense of who we believe we are. Solomon’s seal reminds us that we are not our thoughts; neither are we our emotions nor memories. Sometimes we get shocked or angered by what we feel or get overwhelmed by our emotions or where our thoughts lead us. We can choose our response to our emotions and our mental chatter rather than be immersed in them. We are so much more than what we think or feel. Let go of such limited ways of defining self and deeply embrace the depth of our being.  

Coping with change. Allowing a new sense of self /identity to emerge. Not being restrained by who we think we are or should be; not being defined by our actions, who we are with, our past experiences and regrets. The loving illumination of our being – all else gently falls away. The acceptance of light.   Great relief. Soothing. Beauty.


Acacia terminalis

Joy in the present

The release of tension that comes with allowing joy. As we stop ‘holding’, our whole being can relax. Softening and release through joy produces a sense of expansiveness, where we can realise the infinite extensiveness of self. We don’t need to hold on tightly or barricade our being, but can live as an expression of joy. Such joy wells from our being, from every cell. It is not instigated by external factors. Taking things and self lightly, not grasping or having too tight a focus. The effortless nature of being. Joy, in every moment.




Yucca filamentosa

The sacred centre

Creamy white bell - cups of 6 petals, tinged with green, arranged on a tall spike inflorescence. The three outer petals and base of pedicel are striped with dark red.  The leaves at the base of the plant are long and very sharp tipped. The tall spike of flowers stretches upwards, while the soft curve of the petals are gently rounded and downward facing. The balance of reaching towards the heavens, yet earth connected.

Coming to the sacred centre of being. Like stepping into the loving inner sanctum of a temple. Embodying our spiritual practices. Letting there be no separation between our spiritual life and our day to day life. Being present in spirit moment to moment, with every breath and every action.


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