Deepen into heart felt presence, connecting with the divine feminine via essences made within the sacred landscape temple of southern France. These are the areas where the Magdalenes, Essene and Cathar communities lived and taught.

Magdalene teaches us about divine union, that we can live passionately and lovingly, the transcendent embodied in human form, as a bridge bewtween Heaven and Earth.


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River Union

Balance within polarity

Made at the confluence of the Salz and Blanc rivers, Aude region southern France.

Curiously, the Salz is mineral rich, salty water flowing from high in the Corbieres mountains and the Blanc, fresh water flowing from the Pyrenees. Where they meet and swirl together forms a natural bathing area near the village of Rennes Le Bains. This area was said to be used as a baptismal place by Mary Magdalene and other spiritual teachers.

Find balance within the union of opposites.  Habitually we look to establish safety and contentment within any polarity of experience.  We usually call back from discomfort all we grasp onto that we label happiness.  As a result, we resist wholeness and the allowing of all experiences to be present and felt.  We may swing between polarities or we can choose to allow a balance point to arise where all opposites of true, and potentially none. It depends on your attachments and how broad your perspective.  Narrow vision means we get hooked into a small range of responses and choices based on our experiences, beliefs and perception. Wide vision allows for many possibilities, a greater spectrum of understanding and choices.

Do not limit the parameters and scope of your beliefs or vision or you view through narrow filters and illusions. Not everything needs to be or can be resolved and yet, within all opposites is a balance point of co-existence. 


mag-essences-helleborine-sqWhite Helleborine Orchid

Cephalanthera longifolia

‘From love Springs the well'
from a chant by Jane Elworthy

These beautiful orchids were found above the village of Alet Les Bains, southern France, on a small back road leading into the mountains. Barely a foot tall, they nestled among a profusion of wild thyme, juniper and pink cistus. Spiraling up bright green stems, the small clusters of flowers form a white chalice cupping a golden centre. The eye and heart is drawn immediately to them with their radiant pure presence. They immediately touch the heart.

Through fear you constrain love. Do not limit what is limitless. As your perspective changes, another possibility becomes immediately apparent, and another and another.  This is the infinite source of love, that blossoms without counting cost.  Let the love be here.  Now.  Do not cower behind fears. Feel the fountain from which you spring; it is the Source, the river, the mountain, the breath, the song. You can never remove it from yourself because you are existing within it.  Nothing can be outside the Source of your being. You have only your illusion of perception that you are separate.

I recalled one of Jane’s lovely chants ‘from love springs the well.’ I felt the great love that permeates everything within myself and the resultant fountain of compassion and love that wells like an overflowing spring. With our incredible capacity of free will, we have the choice to live and perceive within this river or not.

If we keep returning to the choice to acknowledge the fountain of Source within all, we shift our self-perception, our relationships with others and our environment. When we perceive everything as part of Source, the ‘well’, we have access to what is unconditional and infinite.  The river never changes the flows within you, that’s impossible. However, through limiting beliefs, you limit your access to this flow. This changes Everything. It is a choice to either resonate with the 3D realm and great density, with stuckness of emotion, or to resonate within other dimensions, ever greater arenas of love, wisdom and understanding.  With this focus and perspective, the fear of loss cannot exist. 

Making this essence felt like a sacred anointing -  I feel clear, purified, humbled, blessed and loved.  Trust what ‘sources’ you. A greater experience of I AM.  Don’t limit possible outcomes.  What do you allow to inform your choices?  Be wise to this.  If you trust your Source, the breath of life fueling you, then what actions do you choose?  What thoughts do you think? Where you focus, energy moves immediately. Never believe in only one answer. No answer is final.  From love springs the well. 


chicago-peaceChicago Peace Rose

An infinite offering of love

As humans we usually want or expect something of everything. To see something is to invariably grasp or hold or define it in relationship to something else. We are so conditional in our loving. Divine love does not grasp. It is an infinite offering of love. There is nothing that we can do or be that will ever diminish this love. Likewise there is nothing that can ever increase it. It is absolute. How we blossom as a response to such love. The generosity of the heart has no limits. It is only our mind that halts the abundance of the heart. Can you love without limit? Without reason? Imagine what is possible when we surrender to such love. When there is no limit to the love being offered, how deeply can you allow yourself to be loved?

Chicago Peace Rose is soothing of agitation; calming and deeply peaceful, like being cradled in infinite grace.

All will be well, and all will be well and all manner of things will be well”.  Julian of Norwich    



Cistus albidus

In dignity, follow your true heart

What do you hold within your being, in your heart?  Can you allow yourself to touch this place in tender gentleness? Can you listen to it, letting it express the feelings and emotions? Realise what lies under the surface emotions and reactions to what is motivating you unconsciously, such as resentment, victimhood, fear, rage. How and when do you feel powerless? These are all learned habitual responses.

Cistus is direct and strengthening.  Stand on your own feet and make a choice.  Where and how are you being passive? What fear is feeding this? What is it you are feeling, avoiding feeling? Healing the root of resentment, of the victim.

 What do you leave unsaid in your communications? What do you hold onto? Cistus allows greater dignity, strength, resourcefulness. Be dignified in your being. Calm and clear.  Self-respect, self-esteem, self honouring -  being clear in your response and setting of boundaries. The space and presence to honour self and choose your response and action.

Dignity is not an aloof, vain or proud energy.  There’s a receptivity there, an ability to be touched and coming from a loving place.  It’s a deep self-respect, self-awareness and honouring of others.

Cistus is an openhearted offering with firmness, clarity and awareness of what you truly choose, why and how you feel. From compassion and wisdom, at times we need to make choices we would prefer not to.  You do what is tedious and tiresome because it is the right choice, given the whole scenario.  You must be able to lift yourself from the perspective of ‘small me’ seeking your own temporary happiness, to a larger perspective.   Recognise there is no diminishment of yourself and no grudge because you’re choosing this path willingly and with love.  It is no longer ‘poor you’, ‘ look what they did to me’.  Let your self-love be fuelled by the great river that sources you.  in resentment, you refuse that river entrance.  Open the dam and let it flood you.

‘Follow your heart’ doesn’t mean only doing what you want.  To truly ‘follow’ your heart is to drop into the level of feelings that reside within you, listen to them,  ride the current of them,  and be aware of the great heart that lives within you and everything. This is the true deep heart, a magnificent call to wisdom, compassion and living as love in action.  It is a call to greater empowerment, self-love and blossoming of awareness of all beings. Nothing is excluded from the magnitude of your heart.

 Where does your heart call you and how do you listen? Feelings and senses are the doorway of your heart and this is the precipice from which you leap, to discover the terrain of your soul.



Borago officinalis

Courage and strength

I trust the foundation of my being

I listen

I act.

Borage is a call to direct action.  Act now. 

It assists the ability to make clear decisions with courage and strength.  Great strength and clarity comes from presence in your body. Trust yourself and listen with your inner wisdom.

Borage is like the young Jeanne d’Arc who chose to act when she heard the voices. Her directive was clear. She listened, heard and acted. She trusted herself and stepped forth in wholeness, in connection with Source, in absolute trust. Jeanne did not doubt the voices she heard, did not doubt herself.  Maybe she felt great fear, but ultimately, she still acted decisively, honouring what she recognised as true that called to be expressed for a greater good.

The strength and direction of the black, pointed and exposed stamens, are like Archangel Michael’s sword of Truth. Are you able to hear a spirit directive? Would you trust yourself to act when called, against every logical reason?

Borage brings in alert clarity of mind and heart. When you trust the river of Source that flows through your being it is impossible to be ‘less than’. This is a key to liberation. Confidence builds through this direct knowing of self, of experiencing what it is that ‘sources’ you, in love, in Truth. When you know what you are sourced in, when you listen with the ears of the heart, how can you not speak, when you hear and know? Borage aids us in embodying the ‘spiritual warrior’, love in action. It is a direct call to engage in the world, to feel, to listen and to act. As you recognize this within yourself, your presence is an invocation for each being you meet. Have courage and trust. You hold the sword of clarity, wield it wisely and lovingly.

Confidence and courage arises from knowing that you are always ‘whole’ and from trusting the wellspring of your being. Borage supports the ability to listen with your inner wisdom and step forth, in wholeness, in awareness of your constant connection with Source, in absolute trust. When you know what you are ‘sourced’ in, then how can you not take action, when you hear and know?


mag-essences-thyme-sqWild Thyme

Thymus serpyllum

Breathe into life

It begins with the breath, which slows and deepens.

As a herbal medicine thyme is a stimulating expectorant. It warms and relaxes the lungs, clearing damp stagnation.

Thyme essence also touches the lungs, through the breath. Shallow breathing is one of the first responses to stress, where we no longer either breathe fully into life or let go via the release of expiration. This protective mechanism limits both presence and the feeling of our emotional states. Thyme relaxes the contraction of the chest muscles, allowing deeper breath, in safety, then a wave of relaxation flows through the throat and heart.  Breathing deeply, consciously, is an affirmation of your choice to Be, to exist. 

These breathing shifts antidote escapist and avoidant patterns of veering away from emotional pain and turmoil. Riding the ebb and flow of your breath you become more present in your body. This automatically brings you more into a direct experience of your feelings, where thyme, via the deepening breath, helps relax the clench that might otherwise arise.

Thyme invites awareness of the emotion origins from a higher perspective allowing them to be felt, without judgement. Humans tend to pull back from and contract around fear, loss, anxiety or rage. Thyme supports a rhythmic movement of softening and leaning into our emotions, keeping you engaged and flowing with your experience. You can be present, in greater equanimity, moment by moment. This gives you greater choice of response in potentially stressful situations.

The expression of Thyme is rooted in respect and compassion for self and others. As you trust the river of wisdom and love that Sources us, we unclench and relax, your breath deepens, you honour all beings, including yourself.  




Larix decidua


Give everything the gift of yourself.

The wind makes such a distinctive sound as it whispers through conifers. Larch has such soft movements in the breeze, its branches swaying in a graceful dance. A feminine tree yet with a direct upward signature, a tall trunk reaching straight to the heavens.

Larch stretches us taller and opens our crown, as well as being grounding. Feel how flexible and resilient you truly are. Learn to move with anything that arises, in calm balance and with a quiet mind. As we are present in our body our sense of self, our boundaries and perception becomes clearer. We become steadfast and confident.  There is nothing within us ‘to protect’, shame is alleviated.  It invites an openness, strengths and self-respect on all levels. There is softness with the strength, and deep calm. It helps a scope better due to greater presence, flexibility and stillness within our core. This is the deep stillness within all movement.

 Be aware that your beliefs and assumptions, your habitual associations are learnt and not necessarily true. With self-compassion and self-esteem, we establish clearer boundaries, and a softening of rigid held emotions. If you trust and respect yourself and what sources you, you don’t need to hide or barricade yourself with emotional protection. Be more flexible and at ease with what is around you, rather than reactive and tense.  Larch brings a gentle calm, confidence, resilience and strength. Helps you ride the waves of life, because there is nothing to resist, resulting in less fear and anxiety. Clear self-awareness of your truth of being. Know who you are. Pride in self and dignity.

More transparent communication, less unwarranted withholding due to shame and fear. No need to be acquisitive as no need to cling to anything to bolster the ego. Being able to stay present with our shadow or disowned aspects of self without judgement.  If I know what I am, in truth, then I see others more clearly. Greater discernment, less outward projections. 


While not technically 'Magdalene Essecnes, i include Juniper and Pinon Pine here which were made in Sante Fe at the Cuyumungue Institute's beautiful desert grounds. They have been part of my deep learning experiences of divine union and deep presence. 


Juniperus communis

Cleansing and clearing

Juniper is clear as a sword.  It invites clarity, cleansing sharpness and focus.  Clears the auric field of influences by bringing you back into a sharp awareness of self.  Clearing of perspective. Brow Crown clearing especially.

Perceiving self in clarity. Feeling how you are an intrinsic part of the whole landscape. Great stillness. Teaching through presence. Knowing and feeling the universe blessing, loving and honouring the entirety of your being. You are as grand and sacred as everything else because you are part of all. You can never be separate. Resting easily within yourself, feeling yourself clearly and distinctly and experiencing how embedded you are with the environment. When you are so very present, resting in I AM, and recognising your value, there is nothing to defend in your being or your beliefs. There is nothing to cling to. This results in the clearing and cleansing actions of Juniper.

A 'grandfather' teacher plant.  Pinon is so often paired with it, growing together in the wild.  


mag-essences-pinon-pinePinon Pine

Pinus cembroides

Presence clears all illusion

A companion plant with juniper. Coyote tracks were running along side the bush.

Become aware of your motivations and underlying feelings and agendas. Clarity of intent. Deep stillness. Nurturing warmth. Softening into illumination and understanding. Not a confrontational plant. Gentle but direct. It invites you to stay in your own presence, whole, complete. Discover the richness of yourself.  What have you obscured in your self awareness? How do you trick and deceive yourself?  You are an ocean. Dive

Pinon cuts through illusion and self delusion.  Be centered, present and rest deeply and gently with yourself.

A grandmother teacher plant of great warmth and strength. 


web-star-8Star of Bethlehem

Ornithogalum umbellatum


Made at Mt Pilon, St Baume, France. Flower growing at the base of the mountain, in moist forest glades as well as on the heights, exposed on granite.

Petals are in the characteristic lily, Star of David alignment, bridging heaven and earth.

As you know, feel and trust your inherent truth of being you become fully present with self and other, living with greater openness and vulnerability, lessening the barricades of self protection and control. There is a subsequent opening of self to the world where you can take risks, live and love more fully. Old habits of barriers and protection are unnecessary.  There is no need to cling to an over identification with personality or fear loss of self.

Star of Bethlehem invites realisation of the beauty and perfection in everything; the inherent divine ISness. One flower is never ‘lost’ among a thousand. It remains its unique, sacred self always. As do you. Come home to ‘I Am’ and your constant interconnectedness within the mandala of life.  When experiencing Oneness you remain aware of your own being, there is no merging or loss of self, only deep presence and awareness. This self knowing invites clear perception of what everything is, without stories or judgement. Sense how energy, consciousness and Grace embraces and enlivens everything. Knowing this, we can honour and cherish the uniqueness of expression of all beings and feel our own precious place in the mandala of creation.

Shock is a massive impact to our experience of self and world. I AM awareness alters the trauma impact as nothing is outside ‘I AM’ – nothing can destroy our true being. When deeply rooted in presence, our experiences can be integrated without destroying or limiting our fragile sense of self. Nothing is outside Truth. Star of Bethlehem helps us not limit our expression of being. 


Blue Gromwell

Buglossoides purpurocaerulea


While the flower is blue, the floral tube is heart pink, connecting us with the divine sacred heart.

Joy is a radiant absolute truth. It is a state of being, not an emotion. Like love, it cannot be polarised. Joy IS. As all comes into being, it does so through profound joy and love, in beauty of expression. Can we allow ourselves to fully experience this same level of joy throughout all our expression of being? All that my gaze alights upon is beauty.

Such Joy can be lived each moment. Blue gromwell allows recognition of the beauty of the divinity in everything. There is a place, a dynamic fulcrum, where all opposites become one.  Magdalene taught the Path, the Way as one of continually choosing love, continually coming back to this balance point of non polarity. At this fulcrum, we no longer cling to self identity, so negative self perceptions do not arise. Truth can only be denied. It can never be lost or undermined. That’s all we ever need do; in each moment allow the awareness of what gives rise to this state – the balance point, the joy, the love and the blessing in this and what you are. As we allow this for self, it enables others to rest in greater joy and presence.   



Triticum spp.

Sustaining strength and nourishment

Made at Ste Baume, France, with Source Nan water

Wheat has been of continual service to humanity for over 10,000 years. Now the adulterated hybrids oversaturate our culture, with increasing allergic responses to it’s ingestion.  Wheat, in its original form has an immense level of offering, providing nourishment on so many levels. Small amounts in the diet gives sustaining energy, nurturance, strength. Wheat is very sustaining and strengthening, on all levels.

Overuse of wheat grain or flour constricts and ‘tames’ us, sedating both mentally and physically, making people compliant, ’numb and dumb’, reducing emotional flexibility and dampening creativity.

Wheat essence strengthens our core and deeply connects us to earth. It brings in awareness of cycles – ebbing and flowing across eons, years, a day, a minute. It lovingly sustains and supports. The generous heart.

An easing of tension, relaxation, no stress. Flexibility of mind, calmness, satisfied/content. generosity of being for the whole collective good. Community awareness. Sharing of self within community. Feeling deeply connected/embedded in the earth/world/community and in my own being. Deep, sustaining peace. An honouring of body and land.


Briar Rose

Rosa canina

Trusting your divine expression

Made in Nebias Forest labyrinth, France

Acknowledging the purity and innocence of our divine expression. An experience of incredible love, tenderness and devotion. If we trust our divine expression – then shame and self loathing are vanquished. Every aspect of our being is always a divine expression. With this comes a great sense of ease in self and wonderment as we subsequently experience everything as a divine expression. We then allow ourselves to step into greater visibility in the world, no longer keeping self ‘small’ and ‘safe’. Briar rose teaches us that we are always ‘enough’, there is never any lack within our being.  It allows a relaxation into what you are, and a softening, great heart expansion.

Every thing is sourced from the love/divine matrix –so all is inherently perfect. There is NO original sin, nothing to conceal. There is only the gloriousness of our true radiant nature – and seeing/knowing this is mirrored in all form. There is nothing that is not an expression of divine. As we acknowledge, gaze, love each form –it allows it to know itself further, as an expression of divine Grace.

Briar rose embodies the purity of divine love, with an infinite golden heart. The pentacle or 5 pointed star of the rose represents the anchoring of our transcendent spirit, our divine origins, into physicality, through all the elements. There can never be any separation from the Grace infusing our body and being. 

Great simplicity in being. Self power and authority arising from compassion, love and wisdom. Resting in the impermanence of form. Everything is constantly changing and all is informed by the infinitely unfolding Great Song of divine expression. As we trust this expression we no longer cling to a rigid perception of identity or ‘story’. Everything keeps moving, yet always ‘IS’.  



Pink Flannel Flower

Actinotus forsythia

Within the love of the heart’s embrace, there is Grace

The rarest of blooms, Pink Flannel flowers grow only in 3 to 4 places in the Blue Mountains, NSW after a devastating bush fire has scorched the land black. They are found nowhere else and at no other time. They bring such immense relief, a balm to the land and animals that feed on them.

Pink Flannel flower invites us to rest in the fullness of the heart’s embrace, where we find softening and easing of our pains. It is an invitation to feel loved and loving. When challenges arise we lean back into contraction and resistance, which exacerbates anxiety, constricts the heart and limits our response. Pink flannel flower invites calmness through the heart, feeling safe and to know, deeply know that everything is all right. It does not halt our emotional process but by allowing release of the resistance by reducing inflammation, there is more energy available and the potential of a change of perspective for the availability of greater options. There can be a letting go of clinging to ‘it must be this way’ to allow other options and possibilities to arise. Pink flannel flower helps us stay present with what IS.

Specifically of benefit for inflammatory processes associated with heat or fire whether emotional, mental or physical. 


Easter lily

Lilium longiflorum

Purity of being

Easter lily, symbolically long linked with Mary, mother of Yeshua. has historically always represented purity. It invites acceptance of the purity of your being. Our soul self can never be ‘stained’, no matter what our experiences. With Easter lily this is particularly in relation to the expression of sexuality. The flowers sexual organs extend from the long, radiant white floral tube with a mass of heavy, golden pollen and a sticky, enlarged stigma. Easter lily is very much about the balance of opposites; union within paradox. The 6 luminous petals represent the Star of David, the bridge between heaven and earth, the transcendent within material form. It helps us accept the apparent contradictions of the human existence; the balance of ideals and reality, emotionally contradictory states, sexuality and purity. 

So often we live with a sense of the spiritual being numinous or other worldly. Easter lily, again with that balancing of opposites is also very much about physical embodiment, teaching us that there is no separation between matter and spirit. We must embrace the body in order to fully experience Divinity. It inspires you to be the perfect vessel, generating purity, so the divine impulse can descend and be made manifest.

There are times in our life when we hear the Call, a deep knowing that we are to shift from what we thought of as a clear life path and step into the unknown. In the Annunciation, the Archangel Gabriel visited Mary and asked if she would bear the Christ child.  Mary had choice in this; such a momentous task was not thrust upon her. She chose to consent. Easter lily invites us all to hear and to heed the wild call that pulls us from security into the unknown, walking with the wings of faith and trust, with no guarantees of  ‘safety’. Easter lily helps create the space for the beginning of the spiritual journey, promoting a physical and spiritual clearing and cleansing. It inspires purity of motive and intent, combined with receptivity, an openness to what might arise.

The purification may trigger cleansing on all levels, particularly to do with the female genital tract and sexuality.  This may assist those actively working with issues around sexual abuse. Some women have found greater reconciliation and comfort within their body, particularly where there are concurrent concerns with ‘purity’ or feeling sexually ‘unclean’, reproductive issues such as PMS and painful periods.

For female reproductive issues, give from ovulation to period day one, once to twice daily, 3 drops.  The next period may be aggravated as part of a cleansing action.

‘Consent illumined her.
The room filled with its light, the lily glowed in it,
and the iridescent wings.
courage unparalleled,
opened her utterly. ‘  Annunciation  Denise Leverto



Holy Thorn

Crataegus spp. 

The abundant heart

Made at Chalice Well, the Abbey and Wearyall Hill, Glastonbury, UK

This is the abundant, open heart that knows no limit. When we offer from the overflow of our heart we never drain our own resources, but constantly offer from our infinite connection with Source, filling us like a waterfall of nectar. From this space the heart can relinquish a need to control and never bows low in exhaustion.

The Holy Thorn trees of Glastonbury are said to have originated with Joseph of Arimathea, who planted his staff in the ground at Wearyall hill and it grew, sprouting leaves and blossom. While these trees are a Hawthorn, they differ from those common to the area. Unusually they bloom twice a year, in Spring and at Christmas. Cuttings were taken from the original and have been planted around the Glastonbury area, with three at Chalice Well Gardens.

Allow the space for things to Be just what they are; without limit. In our perception, allowing them their fullest expression. So often we push, energetically, emotionally for a particular response, from self, from others. Holy Thorn helps us release this need. Ill thoughts usually arise when people don’t behave as we want them to. We are the only ones that can disempower ourselves.

Holy Thorn allows an atonement through the heart, a forgiveness and spaciousness for things to be what they are. Blossoming in Grace.

Holy Thorn should be considered for physical aspects of heart disease as well as emotional and energetic heart issues.


Chalice Well

We are never alone

These beautiful gardens at Glastonbury, England have an ancient, healing spring flowing through the center of them, surrounded with peaceful meditation spots.  It has been a spiritual pilgrimage site for many centuries. The essence was created over a night and morning in different positions around the garden.

At different times in our lives we all yearn to know that we are not truly alone, that someone is ‘walking beside us’ or cupping our being in loving palms. This essence is a reminder of that infinite, constant loving support. Such compassion that is available to us, to all beings, at all times is incomprehensible in its abundance. This is what is available. This essence is a reminder of that Grace. The chalice overflowing. Whoever reaches for the chalice reaches for Spirit. Who reaches within opens their heart to the magnitude of all touching the heart of divine love. For those who have lost hope, know despair, feel unsupported, overwhelmed or misunderstood, to experience that loving connection and know they are never alone. We can walk our path clearly, in Grace.

The constancy of devotion of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, towards each other. As Beloved Companion, Magdalene was present throughout the night in the Garden of Gethsemane, at the Crucifixion, the tomb and the resurrection, as Teacher, Lover, Mother, Beloved. 

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