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Spirituality and Practice is a wonderful website that's been inspiring me. Basically, it's all about gratitude and packed with beautiful poems, practices, prayers, films, books. I love their online site 'Light a Candle' as a prayer, an offering, a thank you. There's about 14,000 candles shining at the moment in their spirit cyberspace. 


MP3and Videos:

Check out my You Tube channel 'Jacqui Bushell' forReiki Exercises: Kenyoku Ho and Reiju Preparation. Website link coming soon.

I'm currently editing a video of the cranial lift technique, which I teach in Nourishing the Body as well as some fab cooking ones. The Christmas Tiramisu was luscious!

Jane Elworthy and I are co-creating a beautiful Magdalene meditation free download from the 'Journey Evening'. To be released shortly.

Individual consultations available in Sydney:

  • Biodynamic craniosacral touch, therapeutic massage and those fabulous hot rocks!
  • Flower, Gem and environmental essences
  • Herbal medicine
  • Meditation journeys
Wild Earth Journeys: I've also begun offering small groups or individuals a journey experience in the bush of the Blue Mountains or Sydney to align with the elements, the land and your wild soul self. This is a transformational time of deep connecting and coming home to your true nature. We often forget we live in oneness with this incredible earth. So much is available for our healing, wisdom and joy in our environment. You may choose to connect with mossy creeks, craggy cliffs, great sky or plant spirit over 2 hours or a whole day. 

Contact me for more information: 0414 837 558  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


A Daily Spiritual Practice

The Holy Spirit is our harpist, 
and all the strings 
which are touched in love 
Must sound. 
— Mechtild of Magdeburg quoted in Open Mind by Diane Mariechild

To Practice This Thought: Allow yourself to be played by the Spirit.


Check out Jane's website if you're interested in her 'Make your Sacred Drum Retreats', sound healing, rhythm courses or 'Shamanic Medicine Wheel Course' 

Ecoshamanic, Plant allies and other Plant Spirit Healing workshops will be available later in the year. 

Autumn Equinox Celebration

Gratitude, Harvest, Guidance with Jane Elworthy and Jacqui Bushell
Friday March 21, 6.30-9pm
Awareness Institute, Crows Nest. 

The wheel of the year turns. Spiral within, in readiness for Winters' stillness, giving thanks for all that we are and all we have received. Autumn Equinox is about restoring balance within ourself, our communities and the world. it is a night of endings and beginnings where we can seek guidance, see clearly and deepen our intuition. Come and join us in celebration and joyousness, with drumming, chanting, meditation and ritual!

A Loving Spoonful Cookbook

New Facebook page There won't be a second cookbook at this stage, but new ideas for tastelicious things keep on arising! So if you'd like the recipe for the Venus Balls or to see what else I've been creating, you might like to peruse this page. 

Purchase the 'Spoonful'  through my website and a variety bookstores around Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Northern Rivers.  Discount postage applies for website sales. Contact me for wholesale ordering.  

Someone asked me the other day for copies of the 'Spoonful of Loving'. What a fabulous typo. The ingredient that should be in EVERYTHING! 

Connecting land, spirit and our wild soul self

Hello Beautiful Ones,
A couple of weeks ago I arrived back from a long stay in the desert, where I went to ground again, literally! Jane Elworthy and I have been exploring the Flinders Ranges and the sacred heart land of Mutawinji; endless skies, great, round bellied, river red gums and dusty, red earth. This land takes me in so deep, into such stillness and silence. It strips me of ‘clutter’ on every level and fills my being. This is the land where we were so recently for the Soulsong Desert Retreat with a gorgeous group of beautiful, powerful, creative women. What a group is capable of, when we come together in a loving space with a clear intention, is phenomenal. As well as for our own individual journeys, I feel we were of great benefit to the land. Wild, laughing, weaving, wondrous women! Singing, drumming, dancing and journeying the desert paths.
This year has brought me into deep heart connection with so many incredible people. It truly feels like the time of doing things in a solitary way is over. 

Wild Earth Wisdom changes
I’ve made lots of changes while sitting out in the big red center, watching carousing, raucous corellas, eagles and a cacti sprouting the most incredible flowers. ‘Wild Earth Wisdom’ is my new logo and business name. It feels more true to the work that’s been singing my soul for so many years. My heart has been longing to dive more fully into sharing what’s possible with essences, earth connection, plant spirit as well as the Sacred Anointing, Magdalene work and Soulsong Retreats Jane and I are co-facilitating. And hopefully, time for more ‘loving spoonfuls’ of divine recipe creating!
I was told by Spirit last year, that my dreams were far too small (and I thought they were huge). I needed to dream big, really Big! We all do. I’ve been challenging myself with just how big I can really dream and imagine... Change is only a perception away.
May our wild land sing you and shape you
and may your love fill the land like an overflowing spring
I look forward to seeing you all in 2014! 
Chana we-a-te
Walk in Grace
Jacqui XX

Here is the Calendar of upcoming workshops, resources and events with myself as well as sound healer extraordinaire, Jane Elworthy. 

Contact details: 
Jacqui: 0414 837 558 or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it       
Jane: 0409367582 or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Creams, Lotions and Potions –last ones ever! I’m hanging up my saucepan… come and get the recipes for the ever popular Nourish Rosie Geranium cream or Pomegranate Body Cream. Learn to make organic, all natural balms, ointments and creams for gorgeous skin care.

When: Sunday Feb 16 or Sat March 1 or Sun March 2 or Sunday March 30. 9.30-4.30pm
Cost: $140 including jars, products, base ingredients, oils
Where: Denistone, Sydney
There’s only a couple of places left in these practical, lush and fun workshops

A Journey into Love
Wild Earth Wisdom Vibrational Essences Workshop

 Essences have been some of my greatest spiritual teachers. The patterns of consciousness of plants, rocks and land offer unique frequencies. They continually give of themselves unconditionally. The Wild Earth Wisdom Essences are made within this spiritual perspective. The essences are a pathway to help connect us with to experience oneness with all and infinite love.
When: Saturday Jan 25, 9.30-4.30.
Cost: $110
Where: Denistone

Magdalene Essences ~ Trusting our Divine Expression 
Deepen into heartfelt presence, connecting with the divine feminine via essences made in the sacred landscape temple of southern France.
When: Sunday January 26, 10-3pm,
Cost: $75
Where: Denistone

Jane Elworthy has some wonderful Sacred Sound Healing Experiences
Sacred Sound Healing
When: Tuesday February 4, 6-8.30, $30
Where: Awareness Institute –book through

Sacred Sound Healing Journey  with Is Guillemin
When: Sunday March 9, 10.30-12.00, $28
Where: The Grand Hall, Mosman Art Gallery, Mosman
I'm doing the food! Come along

Sacred Anointing Evening
With Jane Elworthy and Jacqui Bushell
When: February 6, 6.30-9pm
Where: Awareness Institute, 1/20 Clarke St, Crows Nest
Cost: $35 including light supper.
Please contact either Jane or myself before booking as there are only 2 places left.

Wild Earth Wisdom
When you live in awareness that the world is alive, you open a doorway into sacred mystery. Connect your wild heart with the wild soul of the land. Through individual and group deep immersion practices come into deep communion with the wisdom of nature.
 When: Saturday February 15, 9-4.30pm
Where: Lawson, Blue Mountains, 1 hour west of Sydney.
Cost: $125

Reiki I Workshops
When: Feb 1-2 or March 22-23, 9-5pm each day
Where: Awareness Institute, Crows Nest
Cost: $330 Bookings through the college

Reiki Master Level Workshop
When: Feb 7, 8 and 9, 9-5pm each day
Where: Awareness Institute, Crows Nest
Cost: $495 Bookings through the college

Reiki Master Blue Mountains Retreat
When: April 4, 5 and 6. From 6pm Friday to 4pm Sunday
Where: Wentworth Falls
Cost: $550 inlcuding all delicious meals, accommodation, notes, tuition and loads of loving energy!
Only one place available.

Reiki Healing Circles
When: Tuesday Feb 25, March 25, April 29, 6.15-8.15 pm
Where: Awareness Institute, Crows Nest
Cost: $25 Bookings through the college

Autumn Equinox Ritual and Meditation
The coming together of a community of Beloveds to celebrate the seasons is powerful, joyous and a wonderful celebration!
Join Jane and I, Friday March 21 at the Awareness Institute, Crows Nest from 6.30-9pm, $25

Sacred Aromatherapy

Anointing ourself and others with sacred oils has been practised since ancient times to enhance our connection with Divine and for healing. Communicating with oils and essences uplifts and transforms us spiritually, energetically and emotionally. Sacred oil blends can be created through deep listening with our soul self and with another, through honouring the true radiance of their being.  They can then be offered and applied topically to the body, in an anointing, massage, baths, daily rituals or in sprays for transformation, meditation or in energetic healing practice. This workshop is primarily experiential. Knowledge of the oils is not necessary as guidance for their use will be given. 
When: Saturday March 29, 9-5pm
Where: Awareness Institute, Crows Nest
Cost: $165 including all oils, bottles and essences to make your own beautiful, sacred healing combinations 
Bookings through the college

Way of the Magdalene 
The Essence of Love, Living the Divine in Everyday Life
Jane and I are offering two of these loving, sacred workshops, at either Newcastle or Sydney
Newcastle: Sunday April 13, 10-4pm, at the Awaken the Heart Center, Newcastle, $100

Sydney: Saturday May 10, North Shore venue is to be confirmed, $140

May all beings have happiness!

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Jacqui's wonderful cookbook

A-Loving-Spoonful-CoverNaturally delicious gluten, dairy and sugar free vegetarian cooking at it's best.

Have you recently been told to go on a restricted diet and find the diet almost worse than the disease? Or feel that you can never eat anything delicious again? With food sensitivities becoming increasingly common, ‘what CAN I eat?’ is a common cry. Herbalist, Nutritionist, Lecturer and Reiki Teacher, Jacqui Bushell has written a much needed cookbook in answer to these questions. This simple and tasty cookbook is designed for vegetarians needing to avoid dairy, gluten and sugar. It’s rare a cookbook combines healthy eating and elimination diets with fabulous results; gluten free bread and cakes (that don’t disintegrate into crumbs), dips, soups, desserts, biscuits…... A Loving Spoonful is, quite simply, delicious!

Jacqui Bushell has been facilitating retreats and workshops over the last 15 years, fully catering to folks with sensitive digestions. Loving her food, participants kept asking for the recipes which she would keep printing out. As the list of recipes she invented became longer and longer, the photocopied pages became more and more, until it finally resulted in this cookbook.


(Includes postage inside Australia)


Chocolate Recipe

I love making my own chocolate! Apart from adding just as many roast almonds as I'd like (a lot), I can also make it sugar free and dairy free and to the darkness of my choice. heaven! The only thing to be aware of is that's it's pure saturated fat and delicious beyond words.I've been using coconut palm sugar as it's full of nutrients and low GI. It won't dissolve in fats so you end with a product with tiny crunchy bits. The tricky thing is to make sure it is adequately dispersed throughout the chocolate as it is setting otherwise you end with chocolate which has a sweet layer right at the bottom and bitter on top.


100g raw cocoa butter

Pinch salt

55g coconut palm sugar - this depends how sweet you like it, I generally have about 40g, but friends prefer at 55g....

20g organic cocoa powder - this makes it reasonably dark but not too bitter

These are the base ingredients. over low heat melt the cocoa butter and add the cocoa powder and palm sugar. Stir well and chill until it starts to thicken, then pour into a tray lined with foil, until set. If you put it in the freezer, it'll be ready to munch in about 15 minutes!

Things to add:

Add enough desiccated coconut until it's thick

Dry roasted almonds or other nuts

Cranberries, sultanas, goji berries and/or a little finely grated rind of an orange

Rice or millet puffs

A couple of pinches of chilli or cardamom

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