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reiki-glow-handsAbout the Retreats 

“Genuine peace, genuine lasting  World peace, can be achieved only  Through inner peace.  When we are motivated by wisdom and  Compassion, the results of our   Actions benefit everyone.” His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Do you wish to experience more joy, more love and compassion? The healing art of Reiki teaches us to work in balance and harmony with the Universal Life force, allowing energy to flow through us and be of benefit unconditionally to self, others, animals and our environment. Reiki is much more than a therapeutic tool; it is a path of self empowerment, a spiritual journey inviting us to be deeply centered in the heart. Practicing Reiki we develop greater connection with our True nature. As you radiate love and joy, it allows others to connect with their own joy, clarity and healing.

Working with Reiki, whether with self or others, is a spiritual journey enabling us to connect more consciously with the intelligence and inspiration of the Breath of Life. Reiki works powerfully, gently and safely to assist healing on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual; promoting deep relaxation, peacefulness and being ‘at one’ with self and our environment. Reiki enhances the life force vitality so the body’s innate healing wisdom can be supported. It may help us understand and release the cause of our stresses and dis-ease. As we are all energetic beings, Reiki can easily be learned and studied by anyone. 

My philosophy is to work closely with the original teachings of Dr Mikao Usui (traditional Usui Style Reiki). The workshop incorporates meditation, energetic healing practices and chi moving exercises to connect with unconditional love, our energetic being, nature and our healing potential. There is an emphasis on practical experience throughout the workshop, as it is important that we develop our own individual skills and knowledge of Reiki.  Detailed workbooks and certificates are provided for all participants. After completion of the workshop participants are eligible to join the Australian Reiki Connection. Ongoing support is available after the course. Please refer to the individual Reiki levels for further details on course content.

Each Reiki Retreat is approximately 20 hours of training. Courses run at individual colleges may vary in the number of contact hours. The Reiki Master Desert Retreat is over 40 hours. 

Jacqui Bushell has been practicing Reiki for over 20 years and teaching since 1998.  She deeply believes that this loving energy is readily accessible and innate to all of us.  The focus in the workshops is on making Reiki part of our day to day life, as familiar to us as breathing. Reiki should not be something kept solely for working with clients, but a gift that infuses our being and daily activities; from food preparation, enhancing our creativity, to a computer program gone ‘awry’,  the ouch of a child’s grazed knee, or part of our meditation practice. With Reiki we develop our ability to stay present, with an open heart, accepting our oneness with all that is. Reiki teaches us that we are always connected with the infinite source of wisdom and creativity that is the universe; there is so much available to us, so much support and so much more than we could ever have dreamed. Reiki is like a gift of Grace.

                            'May all beings have happiness & be free from suffering'

Due to the popularity of these workshops, please contact Jacqui before paying for a workshop to check availability

The cost of a Reiki Blue Mountains Bush Retreat is $550 including all meals (gluten, dairy and sugar free vego), accomodation, notes and tuition. It is the same price for each Reiki level as my philosophy is to keep Reiki accessible for everyone. 

Reiki I Workshop, Denistone May 8-9 or July 15-16, 2017,
cost: $350


Other Reiki I workshops are to be held at the Awareness Institute, Crows Nest call 02 9436 1644


Reiki II 

Reiki II workshop May 13-14, 2017, to be held at Denistone, $350 

Reiki Master Training Blue Mountains 

July 20-23, 2017 FULLY BOOKED

Dates to be set for the Reiki Master in the desert for July 2018 Five days and nights in the red heart land, under the vast skies and sacred sites of Broken Hill and Mutawintji. Please contatc me if you would like more information.

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