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    making essenceVibrational remedies are patterns of consciousness made from the immersion of a flower, gem or other object in water and left to infuse in sunlight. The resulting water contains an energetic imprint of the flower or gem. Essences interact with our subtle bodies resonating through all aspects of our being. They encourage the awakening of our dormant qualities, inspire transformation and help alleviate our fears and limited perceptions. Essences invite opportunities for profound healing and change at all levels. They are safe to combine with other medicines and modalities, the only caution being with  homeopathy. Indeed, vibrational remedies are a wonderful adjunct to psychotherapy, acupuncture, other energetic healing and body work.

    To take an essence is to connect with the intelligence and creative potential of Nature. The essence contains the vibrational imprint or the life force of the flower, not the physical substance, so they are very different from essential oils or herbal medicine. They have more in common with homoeopathic remedies, but with less potential side effects, which makes them safe and easy to prescribe for the lay person. Their working is due to the life force of the flower or gem interacting with the water.

    Water has some really unusual properties. Due to its’ atomic structure and the flexibility of the ionic bonding, water molecules can cluster together in different ways. This is most evident when we look at the structures of snowflakes. They are all water, but can form a myriad of intricate patterns. One of the attributes of water is that if something is in contact with it, then the molecular clustering will reflect the pattern of molecular bonding of what it is in contact with. It is like a tape recorder and can mimic the pattern of anything placed in or near it, including focused intention. You might like to see some of the beautiful work reflecting this from Masaru Emoto, ‘Messages from Water’.

    When we make or take a vibrational remedy, we are communicating with these patterns in water. People will respond very individually to what is conveyed in the water. Vibrational remedies can augment communication on all levels, leading to greater coherence within our being, thus allowing us greater choices. As an essence, which is the pattern of consciousness of the flower or gem resonates throughout our being; it is like an invitation for us to be in greater harmony with that pattern. It is a deeply personal invitation offering us other ways of perceiving or responding, other choices and opportunities that may not have been apparent before. Essences touch the core of our being, enabling us to shift old patterns of behaviour and balance our emotional responses. Essences don’t give us anything that we are not. They do not impose change but help us know more truly our own potential, to remove limiting blinkers and illuminate other possibilities. Such shifts can also have a flow on effect through our physical self.

             ‘Essences are catalysts which stimulate, energise and awaken the inner        

              transformative process, leaving us free to develop our own innate capacities;

              to help us more completely experience life, to fully become ourselves’.

              Kaminski, Katz , Flower Essence Repertory,  Flower Essence society, CA, 2000.

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    Taking Essences

    Essences may be taken orally or applied topically; they may be dropped into the auric field, put into a bath, applied as a compress, sprayed or dropped into the mouth. Do not put them in an oil burner as heating them will alter the frequency considerably. they may be suitable for people of all ages, including children, or pets or environments. Dosage may vary depending on whether they are given for an acute situation or not. Generally, several drops are taken between 1 and 4 times daily. If your response is uncomfortable, reduce the frequency down to once daily. Essences have an immediate impact through our being. For some the response can be immediate and dramatic. For others they may need to be taken over a longer period to consolidate changes.

    Selecting Essences

    Ideally, it is best to see a trained practitioner when requiring essences. Our self perception can be very limited at times, and an objective eye may be beneficial. That being said, one of the mroe effective ways of selecting remedies is to settle and still yourself firstly, connect with a sense of your current state of being and then look through photos of the essences. Do not read the meanings initially, as we usually go into an intellectual response. Note which pictures seems to sing to you, the ones to which you feel drawn. These remedies will be the ones most useful to supporting you at the moment. Then you may consider the meanings of the remedies. This may also reveal new perspectives on ways of working with or understanding your issues.

    Generally do not put more than 5 or 6 essences in a bottle together, unless you are trained. Usually a few drops of each stock bottle are placed in a dosage bottle made with water and 25-33% brandy (or glycerin or vinegar). Be focussed and mindful with each essence as you are dropping it into the dosage bottle. Then take 3 drops 2-3 times daily. Some people may recommend different dosages, it depends on the essences, what they communicate and your response.

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