The Sweetness of the Briar

Written by Jacqui Bushell.

Roses have always been a part of my life. One of my earliest photographs is of me as a baby, reaching for the petals and beaming.  Roses have offered me my deepest experiences of Beloved.

I’ve been making flower essences for about 25 years, as a spirit journey to understand more of the really ‘big’ questions of life mysteries as well as supporting my own personal process. Each time I sit with a flower, it is first and foremost an offering of love, a green breath conjoining of my heart with the spirit of the plant, the land and sky. It is a moment of Grace in the acknowledgment of the perfection of nature, and the challenge of recognising that I too, am not excluded from this. It has been roses that have taught me of my own and other’s divinity.

                          Through rose, I feel my heart as one with Beloved

Through rose, I feel my heart as one with Beloved. The petals, the scent, their beautiful shape somehow unfold me, softening the boundaries of my humanness, and I rest on the edge of my own universe.

magdalene iconThe energies of Mary Magdalene have been drawing me in for many years. She lead me to the ‘Venus landscape temple’ in the Pyrenees of southern France. This beautiful, high energy area is bounded by five mountains, where she and other members of the holy family, lived and taught the Way of Love. Five is the number of petals in a ‘true’ rose, always equated with the Divine Feminine, and also representing the pentacle. Covering an area of approximately 30 miles, the energy lines of this sacred landscape form a pentagram, mirroring the trajectory of the planet Venus in the heavens. In the political upheaval following the resurrection, Magdalene and the others fled the Middle East to the Mediterranean coast of France. They followed the preceding paths of the Isis priestesses, the druids and laid the way for the Cathars, troubadours and Knights Templar. Such a great river of love, spanning centuries, teaching of divine union with Beloved.

  Love continues to blossom within me,
  like a cherry tree in spring, with endless  

The Magdalene presence has called me to deepen even more into love. One day in meditation, I felt a question arise in my being; ‘to walk with me you must be prepared to touch the root of your being. Are you?’ Blithely, committed to a path of service, without a seconds pondering of what it might entail, I said ‘yes, of course’. Then, I began learning exactly what that simple question meant. Every part of my being and my life has been turned over and transformed. I have felt exposed, raw and intensely vulnerable and yet deeply held, like within a sacred chalice. Have you ever heard the Sufi prayer, ‘Break my heart, please break my heart, and break it again and again, so I can love even more’? It’s felt like that.  Love continues to blossom within me, like a cherry tree in spring, with endless abundance.

It began quite simply, while wandering one early morning in Nebias forest, in the Aude region of France. This enchanted place of moss covered rocks forms a large, natural spiraling labyrinth, that you can get lost in for hours. Coming out of the forest, I emerged unexpectedly into wild field of vibrant pink and white briar roses, clustering in bushy hedgerows. I love the sweet simplicity of briar roses, their delicate five petals cupping a radiant, golden heart.

                  What would happen if you trusted your divine expression?

briar rose singelSitting with them, in that meadow of dew drenched wild flowers, another question was asked of me, ‘what would happen if you trust your divine expression?’ Years later, it still resonates through my being, with layers of unfolding meaning. I realised what could change immediately, if I really trusted my truth. Shame would have no power, low self esteem couldn’t exist, we would never keep ourselves small, have angst ridden arguments in our mind about what someone might have meant, and on and on.. Over the next few months I was immersed in oceans of unresolved, deep held emotions and beliefs, guilt, rage, grief and habitual family patterns. If we absolutely trust our divine expression, then shame cannot exist, for the soul is forever whole and can never be less than radiant. Our wounding experiences limit how we perceive and express ourselves. They form a framework surrounding the brilliancy of our soul self, our divine blueprint of being. Much of my life journey has been an exploration of how to allow the personality to be a creative expression of soul, rather than a limitation.

briar rose bowl
Briar Rose essence teaches the purity of divine love, embodied in form. The five petals, the pentacle, represents the anchoring of our transcendent spirit, our divine origins in physical form. There can never be any separation from the Grace infusing your body and being. Briar Rose teaches you to trust what you really are, to come home and rest in your innate beauty.    

Magdalene Rose Meditation

Breathe with your heart, Beloveds

Rest in your heart space and allow the blossoming of your radiant heart to unfold like the opening petals of the bud of the rose, in the warm sun. The heart petals unfold in the joy of being, in the celebration of life on our beautiful earth.  Feel the warmth of the sun, the love of divine, on your being. You are filled, and you are filled, and you are filled again and again, with this pure love. You are always held and shone upon, with this radiant light.  Let the light of the love of divine Grace unfold your petals to reveal even more of your beautiful abundant heart.  Like the golden stamens of the rose, there is no limit to the abundance of your heart and the limitless love we have for you. Know your heart and know you are blessed and loved, infinitely.

            Be loved


            We are always with you


Jacqui Bushell is an international presenter, author, essence manufacturer, Transformational Healing and Quantum Hypnotherapy practitioner and passionate lover of our beautiful planet. Her focus is always for us to remember and embody our divine nature, to live joyfully as one within sacred presence. Jacqui facilitates many workshops and sacred spirit retreats in Outback Australia, Sydney, southern France and the United States. Upcoming is the Sacred Plant Spirit Retreat in southern France, May 2016.


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