* NEW DATES *   Reiki Master Training Retreat  
September 13 - 16, 2018  

With Jacqui Bushell and guest presenter, sound healer Jane Elworthy

Experience the loving Reiki energies in communion with nature and sacred sound activations. This healing retreat is a deeply transformational journey of more fully living your authentic soul expression. 

Explore the meanings of the Reiki symbols and attunement process.  Come into alignment with what they offer: healing presence, divine heart connection, knowing Oneness, living and loving from our illuminated core star. Reiki Master is about walking a path of service, in union with Earth and Beloved.



Develop greater loving kindness towards yourself and others through movement, sound, exploring archetypal energies and meditation journeys. Recognise and release habitual patterns that have carried over from lifetimes of karmic and learn to live as the full expression of love; loving kindness and loving wisdom towards self and others.


The work you unfold here with sacred, heart-full intent is greatly potentised not only for your personal spiritual journey but is of benefit throughout the land, in these times of  intense change. 




Held at the stunningly beautiful Kanimbla Cliff Top Eco Retreat Center in Blackheath. A breathtaking 12 acre ecotourism center with spectacular views over the Kanimbla valley.  

Accomomodation is twin share only - rooms are simple and lovely. 


The Reiki Master Training Retreat offers:  

  • Deepening your Reiki practice and training with the four Usui Reiki symbols 

  • Taking your Reiki energy and practice to a whole differnt level of experience

  • Learning the attunement process to a professional standard. You will be confident in offering attunements after this retreat.

  • Training manual and certificate

  • Further development of your Reiki skills as a spiritual practice for self and others

  • Meditation journeys -  all recorded and available to participants

  • Sacred Embodiment processes for chi energy flow, supporting you, your health and Reiki practice

  • Sound healing, toning and light language activations with Jane Elworthy

  • Exploring your full potential and transformational nature through a variety of individual and group exercises, and deepening your unerstanding of self through your archetypal energies

  • Diving deep into your wild radiance of being with the support of sacred sites in this beautiful bush land.

  • Connecting with others through deep listening; knowing that ultimately no healing is ever needed, as we are already whole. 

  • A deep embrace of love, joy and laughter

  • Fantastic food, of course!

 moountains reiki

What people have said:

'For those of you who don't yet know Jacqui, she is an incredble Reiki Master and Healer. She is what I would call the essence of Mother earth. Jacqui illuminates an earthy power that can felt 10 feet away and utilises this energy to help others embrace their own inner power.' Shannon Chafkin

I highly recommend this retreat, Jacqui and Jane offer something very rare and unique, a life changing Experience! Daniel Keenan

'Jacqui Bushell is an awesome Reiki teacher!' Corinne Campbell

'Loved the Reiki joureny. Jacqui Bushell is a magnificent teacher!' Kate Biel

'Thank you so much for your time and wisdom over the reiki weekend. I loved it.' Tanya Wilde

'Thank you for your time to put together a beautiful retreat for Reiki Master and bringing all those gorgeous energies to surround us.' Vanessa Lobb

'I am feeling the energy in a much more tangible way. I felt so overwhelmed with the love and energy I felt in my hands.  It was wonderful.'  Esther Carey

'Thank you sooooo much for another awesome retreat. This one really took it to the next level!' Natalie Faber Castel

'Reiki Master has changed my life. I feel fabulous, calm and focused and better than I have felt for many years. Thank you Jacqui for being such a blessing to all of us.' Katherine Mulholland

"Thank you so much for facilitating another soul inspriing Reiki Workshop. After this trainign I'm finding I'm much more 'connected'. It's wonderful!' Ana Cristina 

'What an inspiring Reiki experience! Thank you Jacqui Bushell You're an amazing teacher. Absolutely love how you hold the space and allow us to connect and heal, guiding us to explore our own unique ways of healing with your wisdom.' Lilian Rand



Sound Healing with Jane Elworthy, deepening your experience of communion with All That Is.

We will visit the sacred site of the three Sisters, at sunset one evening. 

Share a fabulous evening of joy, ceremony, celebration and sharing. We can integrate and learn so mcuh through community, laughter and play!

‘Chana we-a-te’ ~ Walk in Grace

For Registration Details and more information, contact Jacqui:
 0414 837 558 or email 

The Reiki Master Retreats book out very quickly, as I offer only one per year. The numbers are kept small to allow a more powerful experience with individual attention and support. Please register your interest soon. 

Full payment $1450 includes all fabulous meals, accomodation in simple single rooms, tuition and training, notes, sound healings, certificate, and ongoing support for your practice. 

Part Payment deposit $675 with a balance $775

Payment plans are welcome- please contact Jacqui


Payment Options


For the people who would love to attend but haven't yet done Reiki II, the following dates are available
Reiki II dates: March 3-4 OR June 23-24, 2018

Payment via PAYPAL / CC or contact for direct deposit details or payment plan options



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